We believe all churches are called to one mission and that is simply to make disciples. So if you ask Pastor Matt what the mission of Grace and Peace is, he will always say "To Make Disciples." We love our neighbors, we open our homes, we share the love of Jesus. How we make disciples  in the context of Northeast Denver is through our vision and core values. 



We want to see a vibrant and diverse worshipping community which faithfully leads the diverse residents of Northeast Denver towards Jesus and His Grace, bringing more of Christ's future peace to Northeast Denver here and now.  




Gracious Gospel: We want to bring a gracious gospel to Northeast Denver. The gospel brings life and beauty to all things. Jesus is the restorer of the streets, repairer of the broken. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus can bring healing not only to human hearts but also healing to relationships, racial division, family dysfunction, and its calls us out of our spiritual poverty. 

Welcoming: Northeast Denver is a unique and beautiful collection of neighborhoods. It's also full of division, homelessness, poverty, and gang warfare. We want to be a church body that welcomes everyone no matter their race, sexual identity, family make up, religious identity, or income level. It's a high and beautiful calling but we believe Jesus can overcome these boundaries and we can all worship together. 

Serving: Our church community wants to be a group of people that serves those around us. We want Denver to be glad Grace and Peace is around, caring for the orphan, the widow, and those in need around us. We believe in the power of loving your neighbor well and how that simple (but hard) act can change a community and we believe our community can begin to reflect the Kingdom of God here on earth. 



Matt Morginsky, Lead Pastor

Matt hails originally from Long Island NY, but spent his teen years in Southern California. Shortly after meeting Jesus at the age of 15 he founded the band The O.C. Supertones which went on to release albums and tour until 2005. While deeply involved in a church startup with Sharon in 2004 Matt received a call to full-time ministry. In 2008 he attended Covenant Seminary in St. Louis  graduating with an MDIV in 2011 

After graduation the Morginskys were called to Denver CO and relocated in 2011.  Shortly after moving to Denver to serve as an Assistant Pastor with a trajectory towards church-planting the Morginskys felt Jesus drawing them towards the Whittier neighborhood in Northeast Denver where they have lived since 2013. They saw the beautiful vibrancy and eclectic human makeup of the neighborhood, which was simultaneously shot through with division along lines of race, class, and generation. The Morginsky's feIt that it is divided communities which most need the reconciling power of Jesus to make them whole. 

Matt and Sharon love being active in the community, having people over for dinner, going on adventurous hikes and keeping up with their four brainy and active children; Maggie, Abraham, Frankie, and Rivka.


Susie Molina, Worship Leader

Susie was born to Christian parents, raised in church and began singing with her dad at age five. Dad would always insist that she and her sister sing with him every time he preached. She attended the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and majored in Psychology. She also took courses in Performance Art at Berkley School of Music in Boston. Serving the church in the music ministry is where her heart and passions are, it's not work at all it's what she loves to do. But it's really all about love for people, that's where God can use her best, with the gifts He entrusts in her.  Without love its just music, when you worship God with music then it means something-much greater than she could ever do on her own.


Cynthia Aviles, Children's Ministry Coordinator

 Cynthia is currently a student at Metro State University earning a bachelor’s degree in business management. After graduation she hopes to use her degree to help guide her family’s business. Cynthia is originally from Mexico City but has lived most of her life in Denver and graduated from North High School. When she isn’t working or at school she enjoys hiking through the mountains of Colorado or reading the dystopian novels of Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, and George Orwell. 


    As Cynthia began college she became involved in a campus ministry called “Destino” where she heard for the first time the freeing truth of the Gospel it was a huge shift from feeling anxious every time she thought of God, to knowing God as a loving Father. Her spiritual journey has continued as part of Grace and Peace Church where she serves as the Children’s Director. She hopes that she can build the children’s ministry of Grace and Peace so that the children can reach their spiritual potential and not only be attenders of the church but full contributors!


Lillia Chavez, Translator

Lillia hails from Mexico City but did most of her growing up in Denver. She is driven to make a difference in her community by empowering and pouring into others. Part of how she does this is through her role as translator at Grace and Peace, she had to cross racial and cultural barriers which were separating her from knowing Jesus and is now helping others do the same.   

She has experienced the peace of Christ while worshipping and serving at Grace and Peace and hopes that serving as a translator for the Spanish speaking community in Northeast Denver they too can experience the love and peace of Jesus. 

Lillia works as a nutritionist and is an avid athlete and dancer.