Sermon Series


Exodus: Out of Bondage, Into Promise

Freedom is a powerful word, but few of us experience it. Humans all over the world live our lives in societal, poitical, and spiritual bondage. Exodus is the thrilling story of how God delivered slaves out of bondage and made them the treasured people of his promise.


Why Did Jesus Have To Live?

An Advent sermon series.

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Jesus Revealed: The Gospel of John

Who was Jesus? What happened during his life? What did he really say and teach? And what happened after his execution that would make people proclaim that not only had he returned from death, but that by believing in him we too could have eternal life? What would make the eyewitnesses to these events willing to endure suffering, persecution, torture and death to proclaim that he had risen?

Grace and Peace church will explore the account of John, one of Jesus' disciples, who had a front row seat to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Galatians: DNA of the New Creation

Paul writes the Letter to the Galatians to share the amazing and freeing truth with the churches at Galatia that the free grace and forgiveness of God in Jesus is not only how we begin our relationship with God but it is how we advance in it as well...


A miscellaneous collection of sermons.